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Mitsui environmental protection won the bid of gansu wuwei three waste comprehensive incineration project
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       I. overview of wuwei jincang project
       Wuwei Jin Cang biotechnology co., LTD. Is located in wuwei minqin hydrogenation red sand hills, wisdom and calcium carbide chemical industrial park, 61 kilometers away from northern minqin county city boundary, proposed the project covers an area of about 233100 m2, 7 newly built workshop 1440 m2 production workshop, warehouse, liquid such as raw materials, construction of efficient green slow-release fertilizer synergist production line: NBPT5000 tons, annual output of DMPP5000 tons, annual output of NPPT2000 tons, annual output of DMP2000 tons;And liquid crystal intermediate production line: annual output of 3HHK100 tons;Pharmaceutical intermediate production line: annual output of CJM-34 100 tons, annual output of F09-1 60 tons and other main projects.In addition, supporting construction of warehouses, tank areas, office and living facilities, water supply, power supply, sewage treatment, etc. will rely on the industrial park. The steam needed for production in the initial stage of the project will be temporarily supplied by the self-built 20t/h steam boiler in the factory. After the completion of the central heating system in the park, the boiler will be removed and the steam will be supplied by the park instead.
       A total of 160 managers, technicians and workers are required for the project.Four shifts and three shifts.Working 24 hours per day, 300 working days per year and 7200 working hours per year.
Ii. The possible impact of the construction project on the environment and the proposed governance measures
       1, the waste gas
       The waste gas generated by the proposed project is mainly the organized waste gas generated by the production equipment in the production workshops, the unorganized waste gas generated by the chemical tank farm, and the boiler smoke generated by the coal-fired steam boiler.The main pollutants produced in the production workshop are ammonia, dichloromethane, methanol, ethanol, petroleum ether, hydrogen chloride, toluene, tetrahydrofuran, etc.The waste gas in the tank area is mainly composed of methanol, ethanol, dichloromethane, toluene, ammonia, etc.Boiler exhaust gas is mainly sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and soot.
The organized waste gas discharged from the tank area of this project will be discharged through the second-level water spraying absorption/third-level condensation absorption/alkali liquor spraying and activated carbon adsorption with a height of 25m and a diameter of 0.2m. It is predicted that the waste gas discharged from the proposed project will reach the standard.This project boiler exhaust gas pollutant soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide after bag dust removal and double alkali treatment, through the chimney with a height of 45m and an inner diameter of 0.5m directly discharged, the emission concentration of each pollutant in the boiler flue gas meets the standard limit requirements of boiler air pollutant emission standard (db37/2374-2013) in the new boiler.
       2, wastewater
       This final project of waste water discharged into environment for the production waste water, the ground floor washing wastewater and domestic wastewater irrigation water and living waste water directly into the factory sewage treatment station, production wastewater by the triple effect evaporation device into the factory district sewage treatment plant after pretreatment, the processed water conforms to the urban sewage recycling - city miscellaneous water water quality standard (GB/T18920-2002) in the greening, back to the factory and the surrounding green, not outside.In the sewage treatment station of the plant, the process flow of oxygen (A)+ aerobic sludge (O)+ oxygen (A)+ oxygen (A) is proposed to treat the waste water.
        3, solid waste
        The solid waste of the proposed project is mainly for the production of solid waste, including a part of hazardous waste, which is temporarily stored in the plant and periodically disposed of by qualified units;General solid waste, can be recycled part of comprehensive use, this part of solid waste includes reaction generated ammonium chloride, sodium sulfate, etc.Other solid waste, such as molten sulfur sediment, waste organic solvents, etc. are incinerated in the field fluidized bed catalytic oxidation system, and sold after treatment;The living garbage collected in the plant is regularly transported to the designated landfill site for sanitary landfill.
         4, noise
         Proposed project main noise sources are all kinds of pump, filter, condenser, etc., with medium and low frequency noise characteristics, the noise level (standalone) for 75 ~ 85 db (A), commonly are indoor noise source, and engineering in the presence of noise source has adopted A series of control measures, such as sound insulation and shock absorption device can effectively control the noise impact on the environment.
Iii. Our company undertakes the waste liquid incineration treatment project of wuwei jincang
Main components of waste liquid