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hubei guangji pharmaceutical waste gas RTO treatment project
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      Enterprise general situation of Hubei Guangji Pharmaceutical Co., ltd. company (stock code: 000952) was founded in 1969, is a production and sales of medicine material and preparation of food additives, feed additives based national key high-tech enterprises, the company has more than 20, one hundred million yuan, total assets of nearly 800 employees around the company was awarded the national May Day labor diploma, is the national ministry of personnel post-doctoral scientific research workstation accredited by the national ministry of science and technology torch plan key high-tech enterprise and was awarded the international technology cooperation base, accredited by the national development and reform commission (NDRC)The demonstration base of high and new technology achievements, and undertook the scientific research project of industrial production technology development of androstenedione (AD) and androstenedione (ADD) produced by microbial transformation plant sterol under the national 863 plan.


 Project overview 

 The guangji pharmaceutical workshop waste gas comprehensive heat storage and oxidation treatment project undertaken by jiangsu mitsui environmental protection co., LTD. Has passed the one-time commissioning inspection and been put into operation