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Shandong century sunshine paper group
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       Mitsui paper co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of shandong century sunshine paper industry group, which owns the new wheat paper industry, which processes 60T/ day deinking residue incineration system and 10T/ day waste plastic treatment process
       Rotary burning kiln is a cylindrical cylinder with firebrick or water - cooled fireplace wall.It is through the furnace body overall rotation, so that garbage evenly mixed and along the tilt Angle to tilt end rolling state movement.In order to achieve complete incineration of garbage, there are generally two combustion rooms.Its unique structure enables several forms of heat transfer to complete the process of waste drying, volatilization analysis, waste ignition until burnout, and complete incineration in the secondary combustion chamber.Rotary kiln type incinerator has strong adaptability to incineration, especially for special refuse with high moisture content.
        Main equipment: rotary kiln incinerator

Third, the main equipment delivery
        Mitsui environmental protection co., ltd. successfully completed the delivery of main equipment of shandong century sunshine paper industry group co., LTD., customer satisfaction is our pursuit!