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Water film dust removal and desulfurizer selection
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       The selection of water film dust removal and desulfurizer, how to meet industrial dust removal standards: desulphurization and dust removal equipment 1.Boiler air pollutant discharge standard.In order to implement the national environmental protection law and air pollution prevention and control law, to prevent air pollution, the state formulated the boiler air pollutant emission standards.The specification according to use fixed number of year is divided into two periods, Ⅰ time built on December 31, 2000 for use in a boiler;Ⅱ time is on January 1, 2001 was built using the boiler.The emission standard of air pollutants in industrial kilns (gb9078-1996)
       The standard specifies the smoke (powder) dust concentration, blackness of smoke, the maximum allowable emission concentration (or emission limit) of 6 kinds of harmful pollutants and the maximum allowable concentration of smoke (powder) dust discharged from unorganized industrial furnaces and kilns in 10 categories and 19 categories.It is suitable for the management of industrial furnaces and kilns which are suitable for solid, liquid, gas fuel and electric heating besides coke oven, incinerator and cement plant, as well as the environmental impact assessment, design, completion acceptance and emission management of industrial furnace and kiln construction projects.
       According to foreign experience, there are three different levels of dust removal equipment selection: the first choice is dust prevention, that is, like all kinds of diseases, prevention is always more cost-effective than treatment, such as loading and unloading, belt transport when adding a trough, can greatly reduce dust, or dust generation and treatment capacity;When dealing with loose materials like steel slag, it adopts partial sealing, so that the dust and smoke generated in the circulation consume its kinetic energy, and most of the dust will naturally settle down.This kind of machinery dust, dust removal in foreign countries is called no power dust removal, large number of occasions most dust is suitable for the use of no power dust removal;At least use a non - powered dust removal pretreatment.
       The second is the auxiliary use of spray fog, or foam dust.On the one hand, direct spray can make dust particles wetting, bonding, agglomerating, growing, boiler desulfurization and dust removal and then easy to separate in the atmosphere;On the other hand, for flue gas with high temperature, a small amount of water can be used to cool the flue gas by direct spray to achieve evaporative cooling. Volume contraction and speed reduction are also conducive to dust removal.In the past, textbooks and design manuals have said that spray dust removal is only suitable for handling 50?For dust above m, the dust removal efficiency is only 40-70%. Practical experience shows that due to the progress of spray technology, 10?The dust above m is close to 100%1?The dust above m can also be removed by 90-95%. For example, tunic turning and steel slag treatment, the use of spray dust removal can actually achieve a high dust removal efficiency of 90-95%.